Perfection (’06)

When the goddess tires of sun and moon

and walks into an empty room,

the light will lose life

with a shudder,

the quiet will cower in the corner,

walls will fall faint

at the tremor and

drum of her fidgeting fingers…

…time will lose face, and forget,


on the taste of her breath.

But if she falls,

halo and all,

no other will soften the stone.

For in this enchantment

that swirls at her will,

she is still without match

and alone.

5 thoughts on “Perfection (’06)

  1. Hey missgypsy!
    Delighted that you enjoyed the poem; I’d love to see the painting, is there any way you could send me on a photo of it as a .jpg?

  2. You may not think it goes great with it. It’s just my personal interpretation right, but yes, maybe i can post it on my Blog for you? let me know if what i saw in your poem is anything close to what it really was, this should be interesting! 🙂

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