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I am currently working on a large-scale piece for the RTÉ National Concert Orchestra and Cór na nÓg, under the umbrella of a project entitled “Wilde Stories”. The piece will be composed in response to the five stories from Oscar Wilde’s first collection of children’s tales, with each of its five sections taking root in a different story. It’s a huge honour to be working on this piece, not only in having the opportunity to write for such expansive musical forces, but also in interacting with these special stories, which are as morally challenging as they are remarkably beautiful. The project is a collaboration between Athena Media and RTÉ Lyric FM, and will have as its output a live performance, a radio broadcast of both stories and music, and a multi-platform app that will also contain visual artist Felicity Clear’s response to the tales. I will be composing the piece throughout this year, and the project will bloom in Spring ’16.


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