Choral Sketches

In late 2016 I was one of three composers chosen to create a new work for Chamber Choir Ireland as a part of their “Choral Sketches” programme (in conjunction with the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin). The premise of the programme is that the three composers (Amanda Feery, Se├ín Doherty and I) create sketches for a large-scale choral work, which we would then have the opportunity to workshop with the choir. The programme was mentored by composer Tarik O’Regan, with a public workshop held at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in February 2017. I was on a residency at Cois Tine in Cavan when creating the work, and built my sketches out of some texts from poet Gerard Manley Hopkins and my evening observations of starlings in murmuration. Some of the results can be heard in the video below, as well as interviews with the participating composers:

You can also read an interview with me on the project here:

Full performance readings of the pieces will be organised for Autumn 2017.



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